Meetings are held on the last Friday of each month (excepting December), commencing at 7.30pm sharp.

Past Meetings:

January 25 2013 - Guest speaker Lynne: Encountering Aliens
February 22 2013 - Mind Reach with UK Guest Shirley Battie
March 22 2013 - DVD: Rosemary Ellen Guiley - ETs, Shadow People and Djinn
April 26 2013 - SIRIUS - Documentary with Steven Greer
May 31 2013 - Open Forum Evening
June 28 2013 - Who are the Aliens?
July 26 2013 - When UFOs Land: Exploring Open Contact
August 30 2013 - Side effects of ET contact.
September 27 2013 - The UFO "WHY" Questions
October 25 2013 - Close Encounters in Australian Aboriginal culture
November 29 2013 -
December - no meeting

Meeting Schedule 2014:

January 31 2014 - Gary Heseltine
February 28 2014 - The Science, History and Mysticism of Crop Circles
28 March 2014 - UFOs DOWNUNDER - How to see UFOs and photograph them with Barry Taylor
25 April - Whitley Strieber - Solving the Communion Engima
30 May - Open Forum
27 June - Colin Phillips



Friday – 25 July, 2014.    7.30pm to 10pm     

UFO Fiction, Fact, Fantasy

The “Contactees” from the 1940s/50s/60s era, now known as “classic contactee cases”, asserted that extraterrestrial “Space Brothers” visited Earth and communicated messages of 'cosmic importance'. These chosen individuals generally had repeated contact experiences involving additional messages. Contactees often gave lectures and wrote books about their experiences while skeptics believed such 'contactees' were deluded, suffered from hallucinations or fantasy-proneness, or were generally dishonest in their claims. Contactees usually portrayed these Space Brothers as more or less identical in appearance and mannerisms to humans and being disturbed by the violence, crime and wars that infest the Earth, and by the possession of various Earth nations of nuclear weapons. With the emergence of alien abduction experiences in the 1970s, the contacts with these Space Brothers soon became lost in the history of Ufology leaving new entrants to the subject with a distorted view of the phenomenon. At this meeting we explore some of these early cases that have been forgotten. Starts at 7.30pm this Friday followed by supper and a chance to mingle with researchers, experiencers and those interested in the UFO phenomenon.

ENTRY FEES: $7.00 members, $10.00 non-members



Enquiries: (07) 3376 1780 or email *Opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Qld Inc. and are presented for research purposes only.



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Meeting Dates 2013:
January 25 2013
February 22 2013
March 22 2013
April 26 2013
May 31 2013
June 28 2013
July 26 2013
August 30 2013
September 27 2013
October 25 2013
November 29 2013
December - no meeting

Entry: Members $7*; Non members $10* **except where otherwise indicated.

Venue: Kenmore Library,
Kenmore Village Shopping Centre
9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore
Meeting Room 3 (access by lift)
Free onsite parking available - see map below

Enquiries: (07) 3376 1780 or email us.





Kenmore Library
Kenmore Village Shopping Centre
9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore
Meeting Room 3 (access by lift)

Free undercover parking is available, and entry to the venue is via the elevator situated adjacent to the escalator. For those arriving late, please press the bell next to the elevator. Click on the image below for a larger view.

Enquiries: (07) 3376 1780 or email us.

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UFORQ regularly hosts International and Guest Speakers. Please check our Events page for information on upcoming events.

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